▻ Iteratively improved Natural Language Processing (NLP) predictive models

▻ Developed a Collaborative Filtering model based on user ratings

▻ Created back-end Python API’s with Flask on AWS’s Elastic Beanstalk to facilitate post requests

▻ Launched a PostgreSQL instance on AWS RDS to store millions of GoogleBooks data

▻ Collaborated on a team of data scientists, iOS developers, web developers, and UI/UX designer

▻ Deployed a front-end user interface for user to interact with a predictive pricing model via Flask & Heroku

▻ Based on 9 million 2018 United States domestic flights.

▻ Tediously gathered 27M rows of data, arduously wrangled/cleaned to 9M, uploaded data to Kaggle

▻ Generated numeric visualizations to illustrate feature importances, distribution, and variances

▻ Built an app for the user to control light switches & thermostats with their brain & machine learning

▻ Built RESTful back-end Python API with Flask: communicate with EEG device, detect brain patterns

▻ Connected with Spotify’s API to harvest data (and metadata) about the songs in their database

▻ Built a couple of back-end Python API’s to return predicted songs data to front-end

▻ Collaborated on a team of three data scientists and three web developers

▻ Did you know that there are over 180,000 glaciers on Earth? What is a glacier?

▻ Data exploration, story-telling with data, and unique data visualizations/analysis

▻ Combined data science with visual communication, moving GIF files, and graphic design

▻ A diverse array of data visualizations that I've created throughout my coding career

▻ Includes bar charts, line charts, scatter/cluster plots, heat maps, word charts, geographic maps, and more!



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