Extracted, transformed, and loaded 9 million 2018 US domestic airline flights, and deployed a front-end user interface for user to interact with a predictive pricing model via Flask & Heroku!

Iteratively improved Natural Language Processing (NLP) predictive models and back-end Python API’s with Flask on AWS’s Elastic Beanstalk to facilitate post requests!

Connected with Spotify’s API to harvest data about the songs in their database, and built a back-end Python API’s to return predicted songs data to front-end.

Built an app for the user to control light switches & thermostats with their brain & machine learning!

I’ve been working hard towards my official TensorFlow Certification! What tools have I been using to study?

Which machine learning algorithms did I learn to use in Lambda School and when are the most appropriate times to use them?

What projects did I build using DataRobot? What problems does DataRobot’s AutoML platform solve?