Finequities — An iOS/Android cross between Robinhood & Facebook

SUMMARY — Experienced & beginner investors alike can use this app to trade stocks/crypto and to discuss their investments with a like-minded community of other investors. Even cooler, investor portfolios are public by default, allowing other investors to directly copy another investor’s portfolio with the click of a few buttons. This app includes a diverse array of data visualizations and a deep cavern of powerful, back-end algorithms to power the front-end with rich, insightful data for our users.

TECH STACK — React Native JS, GraphQL, AWS RDS, AWS Lambda

TEAM & TIME — For over four months, I was one of two full-time developers, one project manager, and one UI/UX designer. Unfortunately, our team’s private seed funding was depleted, forcing the founder to lay-off everyone on the team.


Built out the copy portfolio system, allowing one investor to directly copy & proportionately invest money into the same stocks/crypto that another investors owns, which required a significant number of algorithms to function.

▻ Built the front-end for the Discover page, which shows users trending stocks & trending investors — both of which are based on which stocks & investors are being most-viewed by our users. This page also shows Stock Flavors, which are a curated selection of stocks that are grouped into different tastes/preferences.

Built a web dashboard for our team to monitor the speeds at which our functions are executed. This inherently provided our team with quantitive metrics — in other words, how fast is our app loading for our users? Which parts of the app load faster than others? Which areas of the app need load-time improvements?

▻ Rebuilt the social network, social profile, posting system, like system, commenting system, followers/following system, etc. The social profile includes a diverse array of data visualizations for the user to easily ingest patterns in data.

▻ Created the refer-a-friend screen, allowing users to quickly share a message with their friends via deep-links — which were then routed to WhatsApp, Messenger, and Messages.

▻ This project had already been started when I came on the team. When I joined, most of the app was written in JavaScript, instead of TypeScript. For the sake of clarity, legibility, & cleanliness, we converted most of the pre-existing JS files into beautifully-organized TypeScript folders — where we separated the logic from the presentation. Each screen now has its own storybooks file & presets file. We thoroughly documented the code with JSDoc so that it can be transcribed into HTML documentation.

▻ When I first started on this project, the UI/UX designer was working on an absolute overhaul of the designs for the app. I tirelessly ensured that each screen was pixel-perfect to the designs given, and that the dimensions & spacing were responsive to different user’s phone screen sizes. If I had a question about a design, then I was communicative with our team to ensure that we were capable of rapidly deploy improvements where needed.


▻ I learned about CI / CD, unit testing, deploying to TestFlight / Expo, and deploying to our users using over-the-air (OTA) updates instead of forcing users to update through the app store.